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SCWIB is an award-winning organization. In 2006, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce recognized SCWIB as the Women in Business Advocate for effectively advocating women entrepreneurship. In 2008, the Small Business Administration awarded SCWIB its top honor, Women in Business Champion.


As an experienced business owner, Rose Jackson, our Founder, was aware that necessary resources to begin and expand a business are quite scarce for women. Therefore, she founded SCWIB in 2001 to provide a solution to overcome these very real obstacles. With an extremely talented team, Rose has built a well-respected organization which provides opportunities for our members to earn revenue from majority firms in our state, as well as transact business with other SCWIB members.


What does this mean for you? We offer endless networking opportunities, sales leads, procurement opportunities, education, and guidance. You can find a financial advisor who understands your unique demands, get computer help from tech-savvy women who will assist you through the computer world, and reach other female business owners and majority firms in the area.


Joining our organization will connect you with others who share your passion for achievement and prosperity. SCWIB is working to improve the economic climate for female entrepreneurs in our state by encouraging women business ownership, providing information and resources to entrepreneurs at all stages of their business development, and aiming to increase economic opportunity for those seeking the risky, but rewarding path of entrepreneurship.

Rose E. Jackson
Board Chairperson and Founder

Rose Jackson, founder of SCWIB, has been working tirelessly for decades to create an organization dedicated to helping women business owners prosper across South Carolina. As an entrepreneur, she has owned Rose E. Jackson Financial Services since 1993.

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